About Ultratech


Ultratech, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Ken Dahm in a small shop in Bensenville, IL with a crew consisting of himself and two employees. He founded the company with a vision to provide customers with a reliable, competitively priced precision sheet metal fabrication service. Thanks to the hard work of that small crew Ultratech continued to grow each year, allowing the company to move into a modern 43,000 square foot facility in the spring of 2001. Since then an additional 20,000 square foot off-site warehouse has been added for assembly work and logistics. This growth has allowed the company to expand its workforce, add more advanced equipment, and develop new systems to better serve the customer while still maintaining its family-owned roots.

Ultratech, Inc. is mainly a soft-tool, short run production and prototype facility. We specialize in completing low to medium volume production orders for a diverse customer base. This is accomplished through CNC laser cutting or punching, CNC forming, and automated hardware insertion. Additionally, we offer polishing, complete mechanical assembly services (riveting, kitting, etc.) and four different types of welding. Furthermore, for processes that we cannot currently complete in-house, such as powder coating, silk screening, heat treating, and plating, we have a trusted network of sub-contractors that we work with to make the highest quality product. We are happy to provide value-added services like this to help our customers optimize their processes.

Many of our manufacturing team members have been in the industry for over 20 years and with Ultratech for at least 10. Having an experienced workforce has allowed Ultratech to maintain a high standard of quality and enabled us to consistently find new efficiencies in the fabrication process. Ultratech is always willing to meet with customers and offer design feedback, specifically in making a component as simple to fabricate as possible in the interest of keeping costs down and increasing manufacturing efficiency. Everyone at Ultratech is fully committed to on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. We work to exceed the expectations of the customer in everything we do.



CNC Laser Cutting/Turret Punching

Forming (Press Brake and Rolling)

Automated Hardware Insertion (PEM and Rivet)

Welding (MIG/TIG, Robotic, Spot, Stud)





Food Service



Air/Water Purification


Energy Management




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