As a job shop, Ultratech likes to maintain a cutting-edge, flexible lineup of precision sheet metal fabrication equipment. This provides us with the ability to do a large variety of sheet metal projects and continually improve our quality and efficiency. Our goal is to offer the best combination of equipment, automation, software, and manufacturing experience possible in the interest of adding as much value as we can to our customers supply chains.

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CNC Laser Cutting

cnc laser cuttingUltratech now features two 3kw Bystronic fiber lasers on our shop floor. These machines allow us to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials at rapid speeds with exceptional precision and minimal downtime. Both machines are equipped with shuttle tables to provide automated material loading of sheets up to 5′ x 10′. A fiber laser is a cost-effective method to produce prototypes and parts with complex geometries without purchasing tooling.

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CNC Punch/Laser Combo

cnc punch/laser comboThe latest addition to our floor is 20-ton punch/2kw fiber laser combo machine. This offers the best of both worlds for thin-gauge sheet metal fabrication. It processes 4′ x 10′ sheets on a scratch-free, brush table, maximizing part yields and minimizing post-processing. The laser provides flexibility and speed, while the turret offers part marking, machining, and forming capability to complete taps, countersinks, embosses, bridge lances, and extrusions in one setup. As a complete package it is a powerful manufacturing tool.

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CNC Punching

cnc punchingOur punching department consists of two 30-ton king turret punch presses. Both machines have scratch-free brush tables and can process up to 4′ x 8′ sheets of material. For long running projects one of the turrets is equipped with an automated loader/unloader for lights-out production capability. Similar to the combo machine, the turret presses complete part marking, machining, and forming operations such as taps, countersinks, embosses, bridge lances, and extrusions in one setup. For medium to high volume manufacturing the turret press is a highly cost-effective solution.

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CNC Forming

press brake bendingForming sheet metal parts in a job shop environment requires a wide range of equipment. Our forming department has both electric and hydraulic press brakes ranging from 4′ (30-ton) to 10′ (150-ton). Additionally we have a 39″ CNC power roller and multiple manual rollers for high-accuracy radius bending. The CNC programmable press brakes make for easy setups and adjustments, which can then be saved to minimize time spent on repeat runs.

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PEM Hardware Insertion

pem hardware insertionWith both auto-fed and manual hardware presses, we are equipped to install any PEM you need. Our Penn and Haeger machines utilize touch screen technology and auto-feed tooling to efficiently install both common PEM inserts (nuts, studs, and standoffs) and specialty items (panel fasteners, tie mounts, right-angle fasteners, etc.) The manual presses are an effective tool for solid riveting aerospace parts and installing hardware in hard-to-reach places.

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Mechanical Assembly + Kitting

sheet metal mechanical assemblyUltratech is set up to take on value-added processes in order to deliver turnkey sheet metal products to our customers. We have a spacious assembly department equipped with air and power tools such as pop + speed rivet guns, helicoil guns, and impact drivers for chassis and enclosure builds. Adding items such as locks, hinges, and gasketing is no problem. Additionally we often make the accompanying hardware kits, labels, and instruction sheets on these builds so that the customer receives a product that is ready to sell. When part marking is required we have a computerized, programmable laserjet part marking machine that provides cosmetic consistency and speed.

We also have extensive experience assembling aerospace and prison industry parts via acrylic adhesive or silicone with a glue gun for a water-tight finish.

MIG + TIG Welding

We have 3 welding booths set up for both MIG and TIG welding of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. For large volume runs we have a twin-table robotic MIG welding cell to ensure repeatable quality and speed. After the welding operation is complete we have 2 weld-cleaning machines to electrochemically remove the weld bluing when required.

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Grinding + Polishing

metal polishingOur grinding + polishing department has two key functions: deburring and cosmetic finishing. Every part we fabricate is deburred after the cutting/punching operation. This is accomplished with a vibratory finishing mill (tumbler), wide belt sander (timesaver or edge rounder), or air tools. The majority of the cosmetic grinding + polishing that we do is #4 finishes on food grade stainless steel. When blending corners on weldments we generally use a polishing lathe (pictured). Surfaces and larger parts are generally polished with a dual-belt stroke sander. Other cosmetic finishes such as sandblasting or uniform orbital patterns can be achieved as well.

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Spot + Stud Welding

Ultratech utilizes both inverter and panel spot welders depending on the material and the project. The inverter style is a more traditional spot welder used for quickly processing basic aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts that do not require much fixturing. The panel spot welders (pictured) have touch screen displays for setups and are ideal for large steel and stainless steel spot welded assemblies due to the work table and maneuverable welding gun.

Our stud welding department uses manual welding guns and precision laser cut fixtures to efficiently place copper and stainless steel weld studs.

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Quality Control

sheet metal inspectionOur quality control department has the proper technology to ensure that parts are made per print. Each step in the fabrication process is critical to producing a quality product and will be closely monitored by our staff. For example, every part fabricated at Ultratech is scanned in the flat on our fabrivision optical inspection machine. This ensures that all features are present and within tolerance before the rest of the fabrication process can begin. Standard holes and machining operations such as taps and countersinks are checked with calibrated gauges. All bends have first-piece and in-process checks with micrometers and height gauges. Spotwelds will be pull tested before setups are signed off on. Parts that are painted or powder coated will have the coating verified with an electronic thickness gauge. Each process check is documented and once they have all been completed parts are cleared for shipment.

Manufacturing Software

sheet metal fabrication softwareOur manufacturing operation is run via JobBoss ERP software which allows for simple process creation, documentation, and WIP tracking in order to keep work centers humming and shipments flowing to customers.

We utilize the latest versions of Solidworks and Pro-E/Creo to engineer our parts to the highest standard. For cutting and punching we use the latest versions of AP100 and BySoft to nest parts in the most cost-effective way possible.