CNC Forming

cnc forming
Forming sheet metal parts in a job shop environment requires a wide range of equipment. Our forming department has both electric and hydraulic press brakes ranging from 4′ (30-ton) to 10′ (150-ton). Additionally we have a 39″ CNC power roller and multiple manual rollers for high-accuracy radius bending. The CNC programmable press brakes make for easy setups and adjustments, which can then be saved to minimize time spent on repeat runs.
cnc forming
We recently added an ATC (auto-tool changer) press brake to our forming department to maximize efficiency on low volume orders. This machine allows us to program the forming operations off-line in our engineering department so that all the machine operator needs to do is pick the program on the CNC controller and the machine will put the appropriate tools in place. When the order gets to the floor, the time spent is more productive with minimal setup and adjustments. The end result is manufacturing time is saved, and customers receive formed parts quicker.
We provide precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly services to a diverse customer base, including OEMs and Contract Manufacturers, located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
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