We have 3 booths set up for both MIG and TIG welding of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. For large volume runs we have a twin-table robotic MIG welding cell to ensure repeatable quality and speed. After the operation is complete we have 2 weld-cleaning machines to electrochemically remove the weld bluing when required.
Ultratech utilizes both inverter and panel spot welders depending on the material and the project. The inverter style is a more traditional spot welder used for quickly processing basic aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts that do not require much fixturing. The panel spot welders (pictured) have touch screen displays for setups and are ideal for large steel and stainless steel spot welded assemblies due to the work table and maneuverable welding gun. Our stud welding department uses manual welding guns and precision laser cut fixtures to efficiently place copper and stainless steel weld studs.
We provide precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly services to a diverse customer base, including OEMs and Contract Manufacturers, located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
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